Monday, March 23, 2009

Preschool Themes - Recycling for Kids

One of the preschool themes that I stress is recycling for kids. It is so important to bring awareness to being earth friendly to everyone and what better place to start than when our children are young.

These preschool ideas can be used to teach sorting, counting, color matching, textures, etc. The ways to use recycling materials is endless, cost saving and teaches our preschoolers how important it is to be "green" in regards to our earth and environment.

Recycling Station

Ask your students to bring in a large number of cans (only those with smooth edges), bottles, small boxes, packing foam, bottle tops, buttons and other recyclable materials. Create your own storage area for these items. Have the children sort the recyclables by size, color, material, etc. Make sure everything is clean and ask for their ideas on how to re-use the things that they are sorting.

Give suggestions to encourage them to challenge their imaginations. The sky is the limit here and you will all have them reinventing new ways to use old things.

Snack Time - Donut Holes

Show the children a “donut hole” and ask if they can identify it and where it came from. Explain how those pieces went to waste before someone figured out that they could be sold. Try to think of other things that used to go to waste but are now use again. Serve “donut holes” as a snack.

Have fun with these ideas and please continue to send me more or to leave a comment.


P.S. Looking for NEW IDEAS for your classes but don't want to spend your free time planning--Check out my preschool lesson plans:

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