Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easy Preschool Crafts - Bear Theme Art

I've had many requests for easy preschool crafts recently. Thanks to one of my subscribers who sent in this project that can be done by all ages.

Bear Theme Art

NEED: Bear shape pattern for 4 different bears
Tissue paper
Shredded wheat cereal
Black pompoms or furry fabric

Give each child the 4 bear designs.
Panda Bear--They can tear flat pieces of tissue paper and glue it onto a partial white bear for the panda.
Grizzly Bear--Take shredded wheat biscuits for the grizzly and glue on another bear shape.
American Black Bear-- Glue black shiny or furry fabric all over shape for the American black bear.
Polar Bear--Here we just used glue and added white glitter or Karo syrup and paint to make it shiny.

Then the children can glue all the bears on large paper or display on the wall or bulletin board.

Story time can be held in the Bear's Den where all the bears are displayed. There are so many stories to choose from for bear stories and I'm sure your children will have their favorites that they might want you to read as well.

Thanks to all of you who send in your ideas to me.


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