Thursday, March 26, 2009

Preschool Motor Skills - Fitness Tape Shapes & Wiggle Wiggle

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According to the calendar it is spring but the weather remains wintery and still keeps us inside. Cabin fever and boundless energy need an outlet. I have these suggestions for preschool motor skills and both can be done inside.

The children have fun, expend their energy and learn ways to control their motions, learn balance and coordination skills and work together.

Wiggle Wiggle

Need: Large dark room
Let the kids stand in a room---preferably lots of space--.
Turn out the lights & yell, “Wiggle, Wiggle”. They move about all they want, but when you turn on the lights, yell “Freeze!”. They then have to freeze where they are & wait until the lights go out again. Vary this game by letting them act like animals (if you’re teaching an animal theme) or cars or whatever. It’s so fun & easy to do almost anywhere. This is such a simple game for Preschoolers, and they love it!

Fitness Tape Shapes

Materials-Painters masking tape
Procedure-Tape one or more lines or shapes on the floor to create a floor level balance beam.A good length is between 4 and 5 feet.Use three straigh lines,3 wavy lines,and 2 zig-zag lines.

Fitness Activities for tape shapes
1. Walk on the tape with one foot in front of the other
2. Walk on the tape with one foot in front of the other and put down your toe-walk heel,toe,heel,toe
3. Walk on tip-toes on the tape
4. Walk in giant steps on the tape
5. Squat and walk on tape like a duck
6. Turn sideways and walk on tape
7. Walk sideways on tape
8. Stand on your tip-toes and turn in the opposite directions
9. Squat down and turn in the opposite direction

Fun for any age of preschooler from the youngest to the oldest.

Have fun with this and enjoy the activities. Please leave a comment and other suggestions you would like to share!


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