Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preschool Science Themes - The World through a Magnifying Glass

Teaching preschool science themes always presents fun experiments and skills of observation. One of the more popular science ideas is to look at everyday objects through a magnifying glass.

I have several available so that the waiting time isn't too long. I have the hand held round ones as well as the larger sheet magnifiers.

This is an activity that can be done inside or outside weather permitting.

Show the children the magnifying glasses they will be using. I like to take newspaper or a magazine page and show them how the words and pictures will look different when you hold the magnifying glass over them. Move it in and out to show them how different things appear.

Next you can have them get into groups, each with a magnifying glass and then take turns letting them look at common things around them, for example: fuzz from the carpet, threads in the curtain, cracks on a painted toy, hair. If you are outside, they can look at leaves, sticks, bugs, etc.

Remind them to look closely and notice things they may have missed without the magnifying glass. Ask what is different? Encouraging their curiosity is the key here and increasing their ways of observing the world around them.

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