Monday, July 20, 2009

Preschool Math Games - Beans and Donuts!

A popular request I get is for preschool math games. I receive so many creative ideas from my readers. Give these a try!

Lisa sent me the two preschool math games below and the best part is that your youngest preschoolers enjoy them as much as the older ones.

Lima Bean Shake

Spray paint one side of large lima beans. Then give each child say five lima beans. Shake them like dice and toss them out like dice.Next have the kids count how many beans are white and how many are the colored beans.

Corner Doughnut Shop

This is a counting and color game. Make donuts out of different colored construction paper then lay them all out on the floor.
Sing a song like--
Down around the corner at the donut shop
there were ten little donuts with some sprinkles on top
and along came (a child's name) with a dime to pay and
[have the child pick out either a color or a number] took the "red" or "two donuts" away.
(Whatever you choose a color or number.)

Even the littlest kids love these games!

Thanks so much for sending me your preschool learning activities. Enjoy and remember to send in any preschool ideas you wish to share and I will post them here. Thanks for all the ideas that come in daily.

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