Friday, July 24, 2009

Preschool Ideas - Listening, Patterns and Counting

If you are searching for some fun preschool ideas to change up your daily routine, try these suggestions.

Listening, Patterns and Counting

I like to set up a special area in the classroom, or if weather permits set up an area outside. This could be an area with a tent, a special water table activity or sand table treasure hunt--whatever works best for your situation. Be creative here and use what you have and what your environment allows.

The next step is to teach your preschoolers that the admission to the special event is to clap out a rhythm. You set the rhythm depending on the ages and abilities of your students. It could be as simple as clapping three times or with older children, it could be a code such as one clap and then 3 fast claps.

This is teaching them to:
1. Listen carefully
2. Develop the ability to keep on trying and not give up
3. Developing memory skills

Children enjoy this so much and it makes for fun times while learning.

Once they master the admission, you can ask them to create their own codes and teach it to the others. They like this challenge!

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