Monday, August 3, 2009

Fine Motor Activities for Preschool - Name Recognition

I love finding new ideas for fine motor activities for preschool. Couple that with teaching your preschoolers name recognition and you have a wonderful new teaching tool.

One of my readers sent this idea to me and I couldn't wait to share it.

This is a fine motor activity that you will need to supervise but the children love doing this and their result is something they can keep, take home, show their parents, and hang in their rooms.

Pin Point Name Signs

For name recognition and fine motor development I like to write the child's name on an index card, using a dot format.

Next I give the child a push pin and place the card on a folded towel. They are so excited to have a push pin that they will take all of the time they need to punch each little dot and make a pin hole.

Then we hold it up to the light and they can see their name!

Thanks so much for sending me these fine motor activities for preschool. Remember to send in any preschool ideas you wish to share and I will post them here. Thanks for all the ideas that come in daily.

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