Sunday, April 12, 2009

Preschool Science - Magnets and Art

As preschool teachers we are always searching for new ideas for our classes. Preschool science activities provide the perfect opportunities for hands on learning.

It is my firm belief that children learn by doing--holding things, making things happen, wondering why and figuring out the answer.

Try the art project below that Kimberly sent to me to share here on the blog. It uses art and the science of magnets to create a fun project for all age preschoolers from 2 years old and up.

Marble Magnet Art

magnetic marbles and a wand
empty box

Using the magnetic marbles and wand I came up with this idea for my preschoolers to use during science time.

We love to marble paint, so I decided to use these magnetic marbles. I placed the paper, paint and marbles in the box. Then I held the box up in the air while they used the wand to move the marbles around their paper. They really enjoyed it so the next day I used it with my 2 year olds and they enjoyed it as well.

This is a new take on marble painting and a preschool science lesson all in one.

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Enjoy and remember to send in any ideas you wish to share and I will post them here.


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Laurel said...

Mary - I love this idea. I have magnetic marbles and wands and I can't wait to try this with my students. Have you heard of baby soda bottles? They are unbreakable test tubes that you can do hundreds of activities with. Have you tried making lava lamps with your kids? Or using tornado bottles? I have both in my science center and my students can't get enough of them. I found the baby soda bottles on Steve Spangler Science. Here is a link to a bunch of activities: