Sunday, April 5, 2009

Preschool Bulletin Boards - Springtime Lily Pads

The easiest way to revive your space is to plan a new preschool bulletin board. We all need a change after being inside all winter and springtime is saying RENEW to us all--teachers and kids!

Special thanks to one of my subscribers for sending this recently. It is a wonderful way to involve your children in this rite of passage to a new season.

Give as many tasks as possible to the children to do. The older they are the more they can do. It is something all of them will enjoy and learn from by working together to make a special classroom.

Springtime Bulletin Board - Leaping Into Spring

My idea is for a Spring Bulletin Board. I just put mine up today.

Frogs on lily pads (paper plates painted green) with pipe cleaner attached to both so it's a spring. The children can paint the plates. It's made to look like the frog is jumping off the lily pad.

I cut green construction paper in long strips to make grass. I also cut brown construction paper to make cat tails. I cut blue Bulletin Board paper in a circle to make a pond. I place all the lily pads around the pond. I place the grass and cat tails all around the pond. 2 or 3 in a bunch to give it a swamp effect. I placed foam butterflies and flowers around to make it Spring like.

I chose the wording, "We're Leaping into Spring" for my title. The letters in Leaping I placed going up so it was "leaping" like the frogs. I received LOTS of compliments already on it while I was assembling the board.

Fun for any age of preschooler from the youngest to the oldest.

Have fun with this and remember to send in your ideas! We all learn together; teachers sharing ideas just reinforces what we are teaching our preschoolers.


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