Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preschool Science Activities - Earth Day Fun Project

April, springtime and Earth Day all go hand in hand! Here is a simple and fun-for-all-ages preschool science activity to try.

Preschoolers love planting things and watching them grow. They do however prefer to see this occur quickly so here is an idea for a fast growing plant for them to try--grass! They can take them home, plant them outside and have learned how to recycle as well. What could be better for Earth Day!

One of my subscribers sent this to me and it is perfect to share here with you today!

Growing plants in earth friendly "pots"

Need: egg shells, cotton balls, grass seed, water

I wanted the children to explore the processes of being able to plant something. So we planted grass inside an egg shell.

We saved egg shells from home and washed them so there would be enough for all the children. We used a cottonball and grass seed in 15 days we had hair growing inside the hollow egg! The children loved watching the process daily as we shared and charted together.

I thought this was such a sucessfull activity and would recomend everyone to try.

Keep the ideas coming and I will post them here.

Have fun with this Earth Day preschool activity!


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Tess said...

Hi Mary, This is an AWESOME idea for Earth Day or any day! A while back a commenter on your blog recommended the Steve Spangler Science website and it is FABULOUS! Together with your ideas and Steve's ideas, my principal thinks I am a science guru!! For Earth Day we did this and we are charting how often we need to water the plants with the gel and those without the gel. Thanks for another great post!