Friday, October 16, 2009

Preschool Themes - Permission and Licenses

One of the preschool themes I like to introduce is the idea of getting permission to do things. I link this to the concept of licenses which they may be familiar with.

To begin we talk about what a license is and what it means, for example, a driver's license. Most children know that you need a drivers license to drive a car. Ask them what they think this means. Their answers give you a clue as to their understanding. Point out that this license means that the person has worked hard to learn to do the special things that the license requires.

Ask them if they can think of other things that require a license. You can help them by giving ideas of driving a school bus, working as a doctor or a dentist, flying an airplane, etc. You can even mention that you need a license to have a preschool or home day care.

Most important is to draw the comparison to your preschoolers in getting "permission" to do things. Permission is a kind of license for them. If they get permission to do something it means that they have learned about what they want to do and have shown their ability to do something correctly.

One examples of a license you can make up for your preschoolers. Make "licenses" for outside activities such as riding tricycles. They have to show you the right way to get on, the ability to steer forward and how to stop. Then you can give them their license to participate in this activity.

You can use this concept for most situations that you are teaching. Showing ability and responsibility even at this early age helps them with manners, social skills and sense of self.

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