Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Activities for Preschool - Black Cats & Trunk or Treat

Well the momentum is building and the preschoolers are so excited! Here are a couple of Halloween activities for preschool to help put some of that extra energy into a creative learning experience.

My mission is to tone down as much of thes scary aspects of the holiday and focus on the fun times that can be had together.

These ideas are ones I've used in the past; some were sent to me and others were introduced by parents. Give them a try. Send me any others you may have and they will be shared for sure.

Black Cat Hand Print
Paint the child's hand black. Make sure their fingers are spread open, put on white paper. The thumb is the neck of the black cat, cut out circles the size of about a big Gatorade bottle top. The fingers are the legs for the cat. We cut small triangle black ears, use goolie eyes and a tiny small red pom-pom for the nose. I hole punch white paper to glue two dots right under the nose. The kids glue the head at the end of the thumb, ears, eyes and nose on. We did the white hole punched paper ourselves. Once that is all done we had the children make their own tail.

Next we cut around the cats leaving just a little white showing. You can either trace a moon on yellow paper and let the kids cut out or you can cut out a moon out of yellow paper. I bought the white fencing that you use on bulletin boards so the children would glue the moon down on dark blue paper and then glue the fencing down and then glue their cat just above the fencing. This is a long process, but turns out so cute. Decorate your room or hallways with their creations.

Trunk or Treat
This idea was suggested to me and it has become one of our annual events and it is very fun and families love this too.

We have "Trunk or Treat" - Section off a part of the parking lot with cones for safety purposes. Invite parents and families to come and park their cars with the trunks open in our parking lot. They are invited to also come in costumes and to bring treats for the children. Most of them also decorate their trunks. We bring the children out with special treat bags that they decorated with markers and stickers(they are also invited to dress in costumes) and they trick or treat from car to car. Then we meet their families back inside and sing a couple of fun songs.

This gives everyone a chance to really see everyone's costumes - especially if the weather is a little cool and the children have to wear jackets outside. We love this activity!

Happy Halloween to all.


P.S. If you like these ideas Check out my Preschool Lesson Plans here:


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