Friday, October 23, 2009

Preschool Counting Games - Number Recognition & Counting

One of the basic responsibilities of a preschool teacher is teaching numbers and counting. These are a few of the preschool counting games that I have used for years with great response from my preschoolers.

Give these a try and also use your imagination to make variations on these to meet your childrens level of ability and interests.

Number Uses
Try this at circle time when you have the direct attention of your class. Make a list with the class about all the times you might use numbers. Talk to them about how numbers show up everyday, from things like telephone numbers, street addresses, prices on things in stores, radio stations, etc. Ask them when they remember seeing numbers and if they remember their own telephone numbers, house number, classroom number, etc.

Counting Items
Hold up flashcards with different amounts of items. You can have 7 hats or 3 ice cream cones, etc. Ask students how many items they see and walk them through the counting process.

You can hold up signs or book covers and ask them how many of a certain letter they see, for example: How many “A’s” do you see on this page?

Number Word Recognition

Write the numbers 1-6 on the board. Under each number, write the word for that number. You will also need each number and each word written on separate pieces of paper. Have your class say the number and point out the word to them as they say the number. Next, cover the board (or erase it) and take your individual papers out. Hold up a number and ask what the number is. Then take a word and ask them if they can remember the word or the number it represents. You can actually place these in random order on the floor and ask the children to put them in order with the correct word under the correct number.

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Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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