Friday, October 9, 2009

Preschool Fire Safety Activities

I believe all children should be offered preschool fire safety activities. It is critical to make these instructive and yet not frighten your preschoolers. Giving them the opportunity to pretend in a safe setting is a good place to start.

One of my readers shared the activities below. These activities also include alphabet recognition and reasoning skills.

Blanket of Smoke
I just did a fire safety unit and to reinforce crawling if there is smoke and letter recognition, I had the children pretend a blanket was smoke. They had to crawl under it and then find an alphabet letter. It was a fun way to handle a scary subject. I also bought some fireman figures at the dollar store and we talked about when it is appropriate to call 911. If it was a good reason we decided how may firefighters to put on the job and then counted them on a firehouse I made.

The kids loved it!

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Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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