Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toddler Preschool - Sharing & Social Abilities

One of the key areas of interest when you have a toddler preschool environment is that of social abilities and development.

It is my strong belief that a preschool teacher of toddlers keep in mind the following facts when developing activities and plans for the two to three year olds in the class.

Toddlers are learning how to be independent.

They are learning that they have power to do things or not do things. Allow them to experience this and the consequences of their actions.

**Note: this helps to explain why SHARING is often difficult. If they are establishing their own sense of self it is hard for them to share with another. This is a gradual process and improves closer to three years of age or older.

Toddlers can’t see things or understand things “from another person’s point of view”.

This is the stage where they are struggling to assert themselves and can’t really understand the other side of the story! They are busy establishing their autonomy.

As a toddler preschool teacher, keep these facts in mind in your planning and your days will be successful not stressful. Allow the developmental stages and work with your toddlers to grow to the next level of learning to share.

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