Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preschool Classroom - Welcome to Preschool

The fall may mark the end of summer but it is just the beginning of a brand new year for preschoolers. Take special steps to set up the preschool classroom now more than any other time throughout the year.

What a preschooler or toddler sees on those first few days will be the first and lasting impression of where he will be spending his first time away from his/her parents or caregivers. They need to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Give this your keen attention!

If you are having toddlers as well as preschool age be sure that their school items are located within their reach, that any small items pass the choke test-- (larger than approximately 2 1/2 " with a diameter of 1 1/4", or not small enough to fit inside a 35mm film canister); and that the tables and chairs are the right size for them to be able to seat themselves and master their independence!

Since toddler and preschool toys are brightly colored already, I make sure to use woods and natural soothing colors whenever possible to tone down the classroom. Too much color and too many things can lead to overstimulation at this age.

I divide the classroom into different areas--providing activity areas, tables and chair station, circle area (which tends to be the largest space) and a cozy area where your preschoolers can go to calm down, to cuddle with a pillow and look at books or just enjoy some quiet time.

Bulletin boards are excellent for creating welcome signs, showing pictures of activities that they will be doing in the classroom but, be sure to leave some blank framed areas. Point out that this is where you will need their help to complete the room decorations! This is an excellent way to engage them and to have them put their own touch on the classroom environment.

Of equal importance is to also provide a Parent Board where you will post class information, reminders, sign in and sign out sheets, snack menus and a suggestion box. This helps the parents with their own adjustment of leaving their preschooler in your care.

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