Monday, February 2, 2009

Preschool Valentine Day Ideas - Valentine Bouquet

I am always flooded with requests for ideas for preschool Valentine day ideas. Children love to make gifts for the special people in their world and I love finding ways that allow them to do so.

Simple is the key word here. Try the idea below for a fool-proof way to help them make something to give to that special person.

Save this idea as well for mother's day or father's day gifts. It works well for any occasion!

Valentine Bouquet


Muffin Tin liners, (great if you can find ones with Valentine designs)
Pipe Cleaners
Green construction Paper
Green tissue paper
Heart garland tie or ribbon

Have children pich and twist the bottom of the muffin liner and attach the pipe cleaner to the pinched end to create the flower.

Let them trace a leaf shape on the construction paper and cut it out and tape the leaves to the pipe cleaner. You can help the younger children do the cutting or have pre-cut leaves ready for them.

Next they can make the flower into a corsage, boutonniere or even use several to make a bouquet. If they choose to make a bouquet, wrap the pipe cleaner stems with the tissue paper and tie the garland or ribbon around it.

Have fun with this and enjoy the new month!


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