Friday, February 13, 2009

Presidents Day Preschool Activities

Next week, February 16th, the US celebrates a federal holiday called
President's Day. Here are a couple of ideas for presidents day preschool
for your lesson plans next week.

Use these to help enhance your teaching what the holiday is about and who is being celebrated. Two of the most famous presidents are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and many of your children may have heard of them already, especially since this was an election year a new president of the US.

American Flag Collage

Need: Old magazines, blank copies of the outline of the American Flag.
Photo of the American flag or an actual flag which you may have in your classroom already to use as an example.

Send students looking through magazines for pictures with lots of red, white, and blue in them. When you have collected enough, have students start pasting the colors onto the blank flag that they have on their desk.

They can overlap pictures, use bits of pictures, and do whatever else they need to in order to make the flag look as real as possible. When you are done,put up the flag for everyone to see.

Log Cabin

Need copies of blank sketch of the front of a log cabin.
Lots of sticks and twigs

I make copies of a blank sketch of the front of a cabin.
We go out for a walk and find as many twigs and sticks as possible.

Use these to glue onto the picture to make it resemble a log cabin. Children love this idea for a craft and get quite creative with this activity.

You can discuss that many people in the early days of the US lived in log cabins, even our presidents like Abraham Lincoln. If they want to make windows you can give them plastic wrap to glue on those openings to look like a window.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and have a wonderful week! Send me any of your ideas and I will share them here for all to see.


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