Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Preschool Crafts - Art Work for Springtime or Easter

When we get closer to springtime here in the US teachers, parents and children love creating and decorating for the new season. Here are three creative spring preschool crafts that have been sent to me recently.

As preschoolers do arts or crafts projects you are providing a rich learning environment for them and best of all--It is Hands On! They improve motor skills, color recognition, spatial relations and the joy of creating something of their very own.

Give these a try for Spring or for Easter decorations. Any of the shapes can be changed to fit you or your childrens needs, such as eggs for Easter, flowers for spring, etc. These ideas are basically foolproof. Even your youngest toddlers are able to participate.

Confetti Picture
what you need:
Hole punch, assorted colors of construction paper,craft glue, heavy-weight paper.

Punch out dots from different colors of construction paper to make confetti dots. If you want, keep the colors separate in small dishes or containers. Draw a picture, such as a bouquet of flowers, on a piece of paper. Fill in a section of the picture with glue, and sprinkle one colour of confetti dots over the glue. Let the glue dry, then shake the paper to remove excess dots. Continue coloring your picturre with more dots. If you want to be more precise, glue single dots in place, one by one, to "paint" your picture.

Marble Egg
Have pre-cut egg shapes already for your toddlers, and give them little toy cars. I had a tray of purple and pink paints in arms reach and they would roll the wheels of the cars into the paint and then make tracks for decorations on their easter egg shapes. This was done with children as young as an 18 month old, and a 12 month old. They had fun rolling the cars back and forth and saying vroom vroom as they did so. This has easily be done with any age group.

Stained Glass Egg
My class made stained glass paper eggs for an Easter card for parents. I pre-cut tissue paper into small little square. I demonstrated and then guided the children into painting water on their cardstock egg. Then they laid little colored squares over the water, sometimes overlapping. When dry, we peel the paper off to show a beautiful stained glass egg. Just gorgeous!

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Nicola @ Twisty Noodle said...

The Confetti picture is a cute idea. You could use a coloring page too... like one from TwistyNoodle.com (: