Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Imagination Station Preschool - Imaginary Trip

I'm sure you often find days when the weather just won't allow some outside fun for your preschoolers. Here is where you use an imagination station preschool to stop the doldrums and bring out the creativity in all of your students.

I set the stage to go on imaginary hikes and trips. You can plan a camping adventure, a plane ride, train ride, hike through the mountains, etc. Offer options and let your children plan on the trip they want to take.

I had one reader send me this idea that her class love to do. It is a canoeing adventure.

Here is the idea:

All the children sit in a circle and pretend they are going on a canoeing adventure.
Start out with safety--"okay everyone find your life jackets. Let's put it on". Try to get the children involved and ask them what color of life jacket they would like to put on. We then pretend to put on our jackets and zip them up.

"We then will need to find our paddles. Does everyone have their paddles".
We go through the entire process of getting ready to canoe, canoeing (finding birds and trees, listening to the crickets etc.).

At the end of our trip we find an ice cream stand and the children tell us what kind of ice cream cone is their favorite.
Depending on the age and the attention, you can take it further and make a craft that involved part of our trip. The children love this and always have success with this adventure.

I hope you had fun with this imagination station preschool. Check out the other ideas in the Preschool Planner for more interactive fun teaching ideas for your preschool.


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