Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Preschool Theme Ideas - Gardening & Spring Time Fun

I'm back from my break, rested and ready to offer more preschool theme ideas to my readers.

This gardening idea was sent to me recently and it has so many possibilities for teaching and fun. It can be used to teach science, colors, counting and even nurturing!

Thanks for all of you who are sending in more and more actitivities and teaching tips. Keep them coming and I'll share them here along with those of my own!

The Eggshell Garden

Need: egg shells, potting soil, tempera paints or markers, seeds of all kinds-even grass seed will work here.

If you provide lunch to your students and have boiled eggs for lunch, show the kids how to crush only the upper half of the egg, leaving the rest of the eggshell intact. Otherwise, ask parents to save and send in egg shells.

Then we put some soil and we plant 2-3 little seeds in it (don't think extravagant, a few lentils or beans would do just fine!). Water it regularly and watch it grow.
your preschoolers can take the time to paint the "tiny pots" before planting, and then place them inside the egg carton, it will look like a tiny garden!

your kids can start by making 3 of those little gardens, each containing 6 similarly looking eggs: we had the rainbow garden (eggs painted with a different color each), the dots and stripes garden, and even the family garden (a face was drawn on each eggshell to make it look like a person with the plants posing like the hair!)

They liked the eggshell gardens so much, now every kid has his/her own!

This is a fun activity for spring time or for fall to continue the idea of growing things inside if it is fall in your part of the world!

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