Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preschool Pirate Theme Activities - Pirate Ships

One of my favorite units in preschool are preschool pirate theme activities. I usually find that my preschoolers enjoy it so much that it extends beyond the one week slot I set aside for any given theme.

I have many ideas that I have collected over the years. The children are a wonderful resource as well and often suggest clever ideas of their own.

Here is an idea one of my readers sent to me.

It is easy to put together and I guarantee your preschool kids will love it.

Table Pirate Ship

For a ship I have used (for Columbus day in the US) a table turned upside down.

If you want to put a flag up you can use a bit of clay or playdough at the bottom of one of the legs to stick a flag inside.

They walk on the bottoms of the tables and use their decorated papertowel tubes or a Pringles can to use as a telescope....Land HO!!!!

You can also make a jolly roger flag instead and you can drape streamers around the legs to enclose it on three sides if you want. It is just an alternative to looking for a big enough box. I found that it worked quite well.

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Enjoy and remember to send in any ideas you wish to share and I will post them here.


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