Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preschool Counting Games - Number Cruncher and Number Hunt

Teaching preschoolers with games is a perfect match. These preschool counting games require them to be involved physically as well as mentally.

Any time you can engage your preschool kids in an activity is teaching them how to listen to directions, follow sequences, and to work as a team in addition to learning the mental skills you are teaching.

Number Cruncher
In this game, one student is the cruncher and everyone else is a number. Give each child a number to hold and the cruncher must go around and try to tag the numbers, but they must get the numbers in order. For example, the cruncher must get 7 before he can get 8 or 9. When all the students have been “crunched,” you can pick a new cruncher and start from scratch.

Number Hunt
Make a set of number cards, 1-5 or 1-10, depending on your children’s abilities. I like to make the cards resemble a shape, for example I use circles and decorate them to look like cookies and put one number on each card. Hide these cards around the room before they arrive.
To start this, tell them that the number cookies are hidden around the room and that they need to find them. Once they find the numbers, they will need to decide if they have found them all. To do this they will need to put them in order. For older children, they will know how to count to ten but for younger ones you can have the numbers on the board and they can match their “found” numbers to the ones on the board to see if they have found them all.

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