Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Preschool Math Activities - Number Count Down

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Are you looking for some new ideas for preschool math activities?

Try these suggestions to encourage counting skills, and observation skills.

Preschool children love a challenge; throw in a timer, give them a task and you have their attention for sure! Give these a try and let me know how it works for you.

Find and Count

The teacher and the children decide what they are going to be looking for and counting. This could be something that you are teaching for the day, such as a color or a shape. For example use the shape of a circle and tell the class they have 5 minutes to look around the room and point out all things with that shape.

Place a mark on the board for each item they point out, then with the class, count how many they found. This is an excellent way to encourage observation skills and teaching counting as well

The Count Down

This is something that even toddlers can do maybe with only three numbers but they can do this.

Use any objects you have in the room such as blocks, cars, toys, etc.

Give them the starting number (such as "we have 6 blocks") and then begin taking them away one at a time. Count down until there are none left. With toddlers start with 3 items, then 2 then 1. It helps to display a number chart so that they can see the numbers, read or recognize the number and help you with the count down. Fun and a good way for them to learn numbers.

Let me know how your class or children like these ideas and send me your own. It is fun to share them here for all.


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