Friday, January 23, 2009

Preschool Circle Time - Fishing for ???


I am amazed at all the wonderful ideas you are all sending to me to share on the blog. This preschool circle time suggestion was sent in and I think you will find it a great resource.

Here is an idea for your preschoolers that is so versatile--it is perfect for circle time and the variations are endless. You can use this to teach colors, letters, numbers, etc. Read below for an excellent easy-to-make, low cost preschool activity that is worth its weight in gold!

Sherrin's idea is--
• photo copy pictures of fish in different coloured paper
• cut
• laminate
• put magnet on the fish
• make rods out of dowling
• tie string on the end
• add magnet to string

Aim of the game each child has a turn of catching the fish.
The teacher asks the child to catch me a red fish and they have to catch a red fish etc..... Or you could put the alphabet on the fish, or numbers etc....

The kids really love this game for circle time!

Have fun with this and enjoy your class! Keep the ideas coming in; thanks in advance!


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