Friday, January 2, 2009

Preschool Activities - Traffic Light Game

With all the snow here in the US and the "cabin fever" of the holidays
taking its toll, I want to suggest some preschool activities that will help use up some of the energy and a snack to match!

These are ideas that work well with two year olds all the way up to the 5 year olds. Give these a try and see how they work for you. If you're a mom using these at home you might even find the older kids getting in on the action!

Traffic Light Game
Make three traffic lights. (Cut 3 strips of paper about 4 x 12 inches.
Draw 3 large circles on them lengthwise to resemble a traffic light. Glue
a Green Circle on one, a Yellow Circle on another and finally a Red circle
on the last one. Mount these 3 lights on their own stick or ruler.)

Have music available to play. Start the music and hold up the Green
light. Have the children march along to the music. Change the “light” to
Yellow so they know to slow down . When you switch to the Red light, they
have to FREEZE in place. They really enjoy this game and the yellow light
gives them a little time to settle down which can be hard at this age.)

Traffic Light Snacks!
Give each child a rectangle-shaped graham cracker. Give them a small
amount of cream cheese or icing to spread on the cracker. Give each child
one red M&M, one yellow M&M, and one green M&M to set up on the graham cracker like a traffic light. **If you want to use something larger, tint the icing to the appropriate colors and frost a round cookie instead of using M&M's. Explain what the three colors of the traffic light mean while decorating the crackers if you do this before the game. If it is after the explanation is needed!

Have fun with this and enjoy the new month! Send me any ideas you have and I'll share them here for all of us.


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