Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Preschool Alphabet Activities - Name Recognition

Happy New year to everyone! I'm back and so excited to share more ideas with all of you. We can all use preschool alphabet activities and this one is simple and easy and captures their attention.

So many people have sent in new ideas to me the past couple of months.

I find that some of the simpler ideas can be the most fun while teaching our preschoolers; that is what teaching preschool is all about! Having fun and learning all at the same time.

This idea for learning letters of the alphabet and name recognition is perfect.

All kids love singing a familiar song but changing up the words to personalize it make it ever better.

New variation of the BINGO song

This idea is one I do with my three year olds. During greeting time, we sing this song to the tune of Bingo.

"There's a little girl here we're glad to see and Greta is her name o, G, R, E, T, A, G, R, E, T, A, G, R, E, T, A, and Greta is her name o."

Explain to the children that you would like for them to stand when you call their name. I have a card with their name spelled out, and as I say the letter, I point to it so the children would hear the letter and see it.

The young children are learning to spell and recognize their names.
We all have a ball with this activity.

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