Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inside Preschool Activities - Action Cube & Obstacle Course

January in the US for most of us means finding as many inside preschool activities to do that teaches, motivates and uses the pent up energy that results from "cabin fever". Preschoolers need to be active. They learn best when they are physically involved in the lesson.

All of my readers are sending in wonderful ideas to share and here are a couple of them that use the "learn by doing" philosophy that I use every day.

Circle Time Action Cube
This activity is a circle idea which involves a largish cube with a picture of a child jumping on one side, sitting on another, hopping on another, hands high in the air on another, crouching on another, lying down on another. The children take turns rolling the cube and everyone does the action.
Animals could be put on each side and the children be that animal on the roll.
OPTION: It could be a small group activity too where each child does the action individually - turn taking.

Literacy Obstacle Course
One thing I like to do when constructing the obstacle course for the class is incorporate literacy or numeracy learning–for example:

·Design obstacle course in a different shape each time (or number or letter) – children get a kick out of guessing.
·Write numbers, letters, sight words, or draw shapes etc in hopscotch squares for children to identify
·Place numeral, number representative, letters for sounds, shape etc cards around the course for children to identify.

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Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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