Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preschool Fathers Day Idea - Golden Shoe

June is here and in the US it means summertime and our celebration of Father's Day. We all try to come up with ways to show dads how much they mean to us. Try this preschool fathers day idea with your kids; dads will be pleased for sure!

It doesn't have to be a father; it can be any male figure who is important in the lives of a child--grandfather, uncle or friend.

This preschool craft idea was sent in by one of my readers recently to share here with everyone. Thanks for the emails!

Father's Day Idea - Golden Shoe
Need: one old shoe for each child, glue, gold spray paint

I send home a request for an old shoe that the child has recently grown out of.
Let your preschoolers paint it with watery glue.
When it's dry I spray paint the shoe gold.
I glue some felt on the bottom if needed.
They give it as a gift to dad at our "donuts for dads" day.
I include a poem on a paper tucked inside the shoe that says: "I love you so much I wish you knew, think of me each time you look at my shoe."

It's a wonderful fathers day gift ideas preschool for all to enjoy.

Keep your ideas coming in and I'll share them here for all.

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