Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gross Motor Activities for Preschool - Letter Hunt and Let's Pretend

As all preschool teachers and parents know, preschool and energy are synonymous. Here are some fun gross motor activities for preschool that are so much fun they will ask to do these again and again.

You will be enhancing their motor skills and teaching coordination, letters and numbers at the same time. Give them a try.

These were both sent to me to share here. Thanks so much!

Let's Pretend

Have the kids stand up tall with their arms up and say "be as tall as a giraffe". Then say "be as big as an elephant" and have them put their arms and legs out wide. Repeat this slowly and then get faster and the kids don't even know they are doing jumping jacks!

Find the Letter

I like to play the "Number Find Game" or the "Letter Find Game".
Tape up numbers or letters all over the room and then draw one of them on a dry erase board and have the kids go running to find the number or letter that I've drawn on the board.
It gets them moving and it also helps them to become more familiar with their numbers and letters. You can use colors or shapes for your hunt. All children love a hunt!

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Enjoy and remember to send in any ideas you wish to share and I will post them here.


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