Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Preschool Science Activities - Dinosaurs and Birds

If you enjoy teaching science to preschoolers as much as I do, you will want to try these preschool science activities with your class.

The first one combines a favorite topic for all preschoolers--dinosaur--with another favorite interest which is eating and digestion. This was sent to me recently by one of my readers and is so much fun. Your kids will love this!

Use this activity also to show how dinosaurs digested their food the same way that birds digest theirs. This can be done in a circle time activity and also for gross motor skills and following directions when coupled with music.

Dinosaurs & Digestion
To demonstrate how plant eating dinosaurs digest their food (Same process can be used for a bird unit!) put one or two large lettuce leafs in a jar half filled with water. Place three or four 1-2 inch rocks in the jar and screw tightly shut. Pass around having the children shake the jar up and down and all around. This process will smash the lettuce to a pulp rather quickly "digesting it". Dinosaurs swallowed small rocks with their food (birds swallow sand and gravel).

To make it more fun, put on music such as Greg and Steve's "Freeze" song, or any other song you wish, to add dance to the process. Every time they say freeze or any time you stop the music, have the children pass the jar to a friend. Great movement and exercise and gets the job done quickly!

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