Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Preschool Alphabet Game - Name That Footprint Letter

Teaching the alphabet and letter recognition is one of the basics of preschool teaching. I love to physically involve my preschoolers while teaching them and I use this preschool alphabet game to teach letter recognition.

Name That Footprint Letter

1. Cut out footprints with light brown construction paper. You will need one footprint for each letter you wish to practice. You may want to make these out of tagboard as they will be stepped on.
2. Print letters of the alphabet on each footprint to help the child identify whichever you choose. Choose one in the same for each footprint (like all numbers or all letter etc.)
3. Laminate the footprints or cover them with clear contact paper.

Place the footprints in a line on the floor. Don't put the letters in alphabetical order or you'll get the "A,B,C's" sung to you.

Choose a number of footprints appropriate for the skill level and attention span of your students. Some children are not ready to recognize all 26 letters at once or to wait in line very long for a turn.

Children form a line behind the first footprint.

The first child walks the footprints, saying the sound or each letter's name before it is stepped on, trying to get to the end without making a mistake. If a child does make a mistake, tell him the correct letter name and let him continue.

When a child gets to the end of the footprints, he sits down to watch the next child in line. Listening to their peers reinforces their own letter recognition also.


Instead of letters you can put numbers, shapes, or even different colors by pasting a piece of colored paper on the footprints. Then they can say the number or color or shape as they step on the footprint.

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