Friday, December 5, 2008

Preschool Ideas - Puppet Just Like Me

I receive so many creative preschool ideas from all of my readers.
Here is an idea that was sent to me recently by one of my subscribers.

I think these could be great holiday gifts for parents as well. Thanks to Tonya for sharing this.

Puppet Just Like Me

Create a puppet just like me.Children are supplied with socks, different
coloured wool for hair, different coloured felt pieces for eyes and nose &
mouths, etc. Have the children look at themselves in the mirror and then
put what colour hair they have on the sock and so on.

Have a show & tell with each child's puppet to get them to tell the class
how they think they look. This works really well with a class discussion
normally happening--like your hair isn't that colour etc.

This activity can also be used in a multicultural program!

If you have ideas to share, send them along and I'll post them here for all of us to use and enjoy.



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