Sunday, December 14, 2008

Free Preschool Lesson Plans - Letter Recognition Activity

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If you're like me you're always on the watch for free preschool lesson plans. Here is an idea for a Letter Recognition Activity which is fun, engaging and successful! What more could we ask for as preschool teachers!

Try this idea that Jamie, one of my subscribers sent to me, and let me know how it works for you. My preschool class loved it!

From Jamie...
Letter Recognition Activity

The obstacle course was a way cute idea! Today we had the same problem in our class room and we played a game of musical alphabet.

We placed several letter cards face up on the floor and we walked around on each card. (They are laminated and strong enough to step on). The children took turns holding the music (which was a toy that plays music that they could stop when they wanted) then the children would stop and pick up the card they ended on and say the name of the letter and a word that starts with the same sound. We kept going until we were out of cards. They enjoyed taking turns. It got them moving any way.

We also played a game of head and shoulders knees and toes and we upped the tempo until it was really fast, all the kids loved that one.

Thank you for all the amazing information I have obtained off of your sight it has been very helpful and a fantastic preschool resource!!

If you have ideas to share, send them along and I'll post them here for all of us to use and enjoy.



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