Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Manners Activities for Preschool - Magic Words

Preschool is an excellent place to teach and reinforce basic social skills. Here are ideas for manner activities for preschool that are easy to do and maintain throughout the year. You will be helping them form a solid foundation that will stay with your students for life.

All preschoolers love to feel powerful. Teaching them these "magic words" and letting them know that using these words will have a special magical effect on the people around them and even give them the ability to influence grown-ups is essential at this age!

Magic Words

Here are the "magic words" to teach your preschoolers:

1. Please - Makes grown-ups more willing to help or to give them what they want.
2. Thank You - This pleases grown-ups by letting them know that your preschooler likes what they have given her or done for her. It could even make them even more willing to do more favors in the future.
3. Excuse Me - These words allow the preschooler to the attention of an adult who might not be paying attention to them. Second it has the power to get someone to move out of the way if a path is blocked.
4. I'm Sorry - The most magical words there are since they have the power to fix hurt feelings or misunderstandings whether they happened intentionally or by accident.

Now--you can ask your students for times when they have used these words already--at home, with friends, relatives or even strangers. Ask them if they remember how the other person responded to these Magic words. Talking about these times and even have them act them out pretend situations with each other will encourage them to use these words more and more. These words will give them the power they are striving for.

Let the imaginations and conversations lead your day with this activity.

If you have ideas to share, send them along and I'll post them here for all of us to use and enjoy.




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