Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Preschool Painting - Finger Paint Pumpkin

Fall here in the US is all about pumpkins! If you celebrates Halloween, you will be carving jack-o-lanterns. If you don't the pumpkins are also used for Fall decorations. Try this preschool painting pumpkin activity.

This is something that is for all ages and easily adapted for all ages.

Finger paint is a multi-sensory art experience for your students. They enjoy the feel, the texture and they discover the designs they create.

At first some of them may be hesitant if they haven't done this before. Let them use their fingertips to just touch the paint. It doesn't take long until they are enjoying the experience.

NOTE: Always have a bucket of warm water, towels and/or wipes at hand since they do want to wash their hands often.

Finger Paint Pumpkins

finger paint paper
orange food coloring
condensed milk

For two year olds I draw a pumpkin shape on the finger paint paper ahead of time.

For older preschoolers I have a template of a pumpkin shape. Either I help the trace the shape onto their paper or with 5 year olds, allow them to trace on their own.

Mix the orange food coloring with the condensed milk.

Let the children to finger paint the pumpkin on their paper.

The finish results of this is amazing since they have a different texture than regular paint. The pumpkins dry and are SHINY.

Kids of all ages love this project.

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