Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preschool Art Activities - Toddler Wall Mural

My preschoolers always enjoy their preschool art activities. I use art to teach as much as I possibly can--shapes, colors, science, nature, counting, numbers, etc.

Here is an idea that one of my readers sent to me that does exactly all of these things and can be used for your even your youngest preschool student.

Toddler Wall Mural
I have used this for my class of 18 to 24 month olds.

This time of year we are learning about our world starting with sea life, then insects, animals, then birds.

Each day I take one long sheet of colored paper (blue for ocean, brown for earth, green for forest, light blue for sky) and tape it on the floor covering **simple pictures of the types of wildlife we are discussing.

These **simple pictures I have outlined with hot glue so that my little ones can scribble over them and a "secret" animal will appear.

I then tape it to the wall: ocean lowest, earth next, forest, then sky highest.

We end up with a wall mural of different animals in their habitats and my students are so proud as they show Mommy where dolphins, earthworms, and deer live!

Thanks so much for sending in this idea.

I love getting these ideas and welcome any you want to send to me.

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