Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preschool Sensory Tables

One of the most frequent requests I get are ideas for preschool sensory tables.

So many of you just don't have the space or means to provide an actual free standing sensory table for your center yet you want to provide the activities that a sensory table offers.

Here is a great idea sent to me recently by one of my readers and it offers a great solution to the problem.

Sensory Table Suggestion

I have limited space, but REALLY wanted to have a sensory table of some sort.

I found that a shallow plastic storage bin with a lid (you can get several sizes of under-the-bed types, some with wheels even) worked really great (on a drop cloth if need be).

It was big enough to allow space for exploration, but small enough to be snapped shut and stored easily.

I could not believe how much the kids loved it! And on a drop cloth you just gather the corners and dump everything back in when you are done which is harder to accomplish with a larger and higher table.

Everyone is sending such wonderful creative ideas for all of us to share.

Keep sending in your ideas and I'll share them here for all.

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