Monday, November 9, 2009

Preschool Alphabet Activities - Circle Time, Letter Hunt and Hopscotch

Many of my days with preschoolers include teaching letters of the alphabet. Here are some of my favorite preschool alphabet activities using the entire alphabet.

Once they are familiar with the idea of the alphabet, the focus will turn to mastery of individual letters.

Circle Time Letters
Have a set of wooden or plastic letters. Hand each child a letter and tell the name of the letter. Tell them to trace the letter with their finger with their eyes open and then with their eyes closed. Next ask them to place the letter in their lap and try to trace the outline of the letter in the palm of their hand from memory.

Letter Hunt
Have the alphabet posted on the white board or on a table. Next hide the letters throughout the classroom and ask the children to find them. When they find a letter ask them if they know the name of the letter and to place it on the letter that matches that you have posted. This will let them know if they have found all of the letters.

An alternative to hiding them in the classroom is to hide the letters in the sand table if you have one available.

Alphabet Hopscotch
Tape large poster board squares with the letters on each board on to the floor in a hopscotch pattern. Next let the children hop on a letter and call out the name of the letter. This is always a hit and uses up some of their energy! Incorporating gross motor movements with learning is always a good idea when teaching preschool age children.

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