Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Art Activities for Preschool

November is here and the scenery here in the states can be drab. Try using
these fall art activities for preschool to brighten up your classroom with your preschoolers help.

They love being part of the process and seeing their efforts so proudly displayed in the classroom.

One of my subscribers sent in her idea on how to decorate the room. I have included one of the activities from my lesson plans for the Chain of Gratitude.

From Lucy…Harvest Decorations
We celebrate the harvest in our school and decorate our room to look like a market place. I really enjoy doing paper Mache with the children. We use balloons in various sizes and paint them different colors to represent fruit and vegetables.

Group: Chain of Gratitude
Have students cut one-inch strips of fall-colored construction paper. On each strip, have them tell you what to write for something they are grateful for. Everyone’s strips should be looped into circles and combined, forming a chain of gratitude. It can be hung at the front of the room as a reminder that we always have something to be grateful for.

Try these preschool art activities and remember if you have ideas to share, send them along and I'll post them here for all of us to use and enjoy.



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