Saturday, December 29, 2007

Preschool Craft - Reading Center

Hello Everyone,

I'm BACK! Ready to share more ideas for preschool crafts with you.

Sorry for the absence but I too am one of the "sandwich generation" and had to quickly depart to take care of an aging parent. All is well again and I can catch up with my readers.

I receive so many wonderful ideas from around the world that I would like to share. This one is so timely, a "green" idea for recycling, creative and just so much fun.

Heather sent this idea to create an "Igloo Reading Village".

Igloo Reading Village

Need: 200 1 gallon milk jugs--ask parents for these--free is great!!
Glue--(hot glue is quickest but care must be taken)

My class has made an igloo. We made an IGLOO out of more than 200 1 gallon milk jugs.

We use it as a reading center. How cool is this! I bet you will have lots of eager readers in this center.

Art Work for the Walls:

Coconut Snowman

Need: Paper, chalk, paste or glue, coconut, raisins.

Directions: Draw outline of a snowman on black paper with chalk. Spread paste over snowman. Sprinkle shredded coconut over the paste. Use raisins for eyes, mouth, buttons!

These are just a couple of ideas that show imagination knows no bounds!

I hope you can use these. Send me your ideas and I will be sure to share them here.


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1 comment:

meacham said...

I just found this blog so I'm going through and enjoying all the fun ideas.
I did the 200 milk jug activitie.
The children had a ball helping collect the jugs and then putting it together. We used it as the reading area.
Just remind the parents though to please rinse out the jug before bring them in. When we took them down there was a smell. LOL