Friday, June 22, 2007

Preschool Ideas

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Glad you're here to catch up on some ideas for your preschoolers.

Now that it's officially summer many of us think of camping.

Preschoolers love to pretend and practice what this is like.

Here is a craft idea for building a "campfire" that can be used rain or shine!


Paper Towel Tubes
Brown Paint
Tissue paper--red, orange and yellow

To make a 3-D campfire have each of the children paint a paper towel tube with brown paint. When the paint dries, hot glue 4 of the tubes into a square shape for the base of the campfire. Then glue the remaining tubes up towards the center, like a pyramid. When the glue is dry and cool, allow the children to glue pieces of yellow, red and orange tissue paper to the wood, representing the fire. This can be used in dramatic play as a real "fire". Watch out, it's hot!

Gather the kids around and have a great story time reading around the campfire.

Check back for more fun summer ideas.


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