Thursday, March 8, 2007

Preschool Crafts- St. Patricks Day Ideas

Spring is so much fun for everyone--it lifts our spirits and renews our energy. St. Patrick's Day fun provides ideas to fill many craft times and the end results make for a bright, happy and very GREEN room. What better color for spring than GREEN!

I have two tried and true ideas to suggest to you using a similar theme. You can decide which one is easier for your kids to do. OR you could do both!

Shamrock Placemat/Picture

White Card Stock
Shamrock cookie cutters, varying sizes are great
Green crayons or markers
Green tissue paper
St. Patrick's Day stickers

Give each child a sheet of card stock. Let them use the green crayons or markers to trace around the cookie cutters to make the shamrocks. Younger ones will need help with this to hold the cookie cutter still. Next let them color them in if they will use it for a placemat. They can also add some of the stickers to it.

If they are making a wall hanging, let them spread some glue inside the clover design. Next, they tear off pieces of the tissue paper, wad it up and then stick it onto the glue inside the design until the entire clover is filled in. A great 3D design to hang on the wall.

I'll share more of my ideas with you this week so check back often.

Bye for now.

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